Border Zone

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Where do I start …

I made this book called Border Zone. Took me the last 6 months to compile and finally publish; with the support of Mia Galde and a few other good people. It tells a personal story, and some of you may recognize pictures from a few years back, in this blog. I would not have got here without the friendly feedback and inspiration provided by you guys; members of the blogosphere of serious, curious photographers and beautiful minds. Thanks.


The walk (6)

There is a root cellar on the way, behind a house and nowadays on public ground. Not too old considering the concrete structure. It should have the door locked, but it is usually opened by force. There is some garbage inside. One time I think there was a mattress on the floor. I have never seen anyone inside. Maybe it is used by some homeless outsider seeking shelter for the night; a space of solitude, to consume whatever soothens an aching soul. Maybe kids use it to play, or youngsters to hang around. Anonymous traces of human life and a story untold.