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Du ser en värld att utforska och bevara och berätta om.
Den som har sett det, för dem går det inte bara att blunda.
Det finns ingen väg tillbaka.

Jan Troell; Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick

They are a proof that something was there and no longer is.
Like a stain.
And the stillness of them is boggling. You can turn away but when you come back they’ll still be there looking at you.

Diane Arbus, 1971

Pictures are personal; but maybe you will catch a familiar sentiment?


A few notable exhibitions and learning events on the way, so far:

2010 # Individual workshop with photographer/artist Terje Hellesø, Mullsjö, Sweden
2011 # Workshop with Anders Petersen at Mullsjö International Photo Festival
2011 # “Exits /Options” – Solo exhibition, Ljuder, Sweden
2011 # Group exhibition, Husby Art Center, Stockholm
2012 # “You bite me” – Solo exhibition Husby Gallery, Stockholm
2014 # Masterclass with Roger Ballen, Fotografiska, Stockholm
2015 # Course on Portrait photography by Knut Koivisto, Fotografiska, Stockholm
2016 # “Views of Sweden” – Group exhibition, Husby Art Center, Stockholm
2016 # Course on Visual Perception by Hannah Goldstein, Fotografiska, Stockholm
2017 # “Liberty” – Group exhibition, Husby Art Center, Stockholm
2018 # Workshop series on Storytelling by Mia Galde, Fotografiska, Stockholm
2019 # Border Zone, Miska Books, Stockholm 2019, ISBN 978-91-985193-0-3
2019 # Masterclass with Arno Rafael Minkkinen by TPW in Matera, Basilicata
2019 # “Stilleben : Still Lifes” – Solo exhibition 6-18 July at Hellekis Säteri
2019 # Participating in Planket Sthlm 2019, 18 August in Stockholm
2019 # Participating in Uppsala Fotofestival, 26-29 September in Uppsala
2022 # Participating in Husby Konstsalong 1-5 June in Stockholm

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