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About this

“Fotografi” is Swedish for “photography”. This site is an ongoing exhibition of my photographic work. Comments and feedback on the pictures in any language are appreciated. If you are interested in a particular picture or just want to get in touch, e-mail me on mathlk(a)kalvemark.se or look me up on Facebook or Instagram.

About me

My name is Mathias Laitila Kälvemark and I was born in 1967 in Uppsala, Sweden, where I grow up and spent most of my youth and young adulthood. My first encounters with photography were sporadic; in schools and university, centred around black-and-white analogue pictures and darkroom processing. A couple of decades later I started to seriously study and explore photographic and artistic techniques as well as photographers. I have occasionally attended courses and workshops to draw from valuable knowledge of inspiring artists. I have produced and participated in a few exhibitions and use social media platforms to continuously share my work and engage in conversations on pictures. I currently live in Stockholm with my family.

About why

Along an ongoing and exploratory process on photography, I have made a few self-reflecting observations. I find relief in pictures which are open to interpretations and yet filled with meaning. My pictures reveal a personal story to anyone who can read them, but may hide it to those who cannot. To loose my ability to see and capture the pictures around me would not be as much as becoming blind, as becoming mute. Now I can’t stop talking and I appreciate anyone who takes time to listen; maybe you will catch a familiar sentiment?


A few notable exhibitions and learning events on the way, so far:

2010 # Individual workshop with photographer/artist Terje Hellesø, Mullsjö, Sweden
2011 # Workshop with Anders Petersen at Mullsjö International Photo Festival
2011 # “Exits /Options” (“Öppningar / Utvägar”) – Solo exhibition, Ljuder, Sweden
2011 # Group exhibition, Husby Art Center, Stockholm
2012 # “You bite me” (“Biter du mig”) – Solo exhibition Husby Gallery, Stockholm
2014 # Masterclass with Roger Ballen, Fotografiska, Stockholm
2015 # Course on Portrait photography by Knut Koivisto, Fotografiska, Stockholm
2016 # “Views from Sweden” (“Fönster mot Sverige”) – Group exhibition, Husby Art Center, Stockholm

2016 # Course on Visual Perception by Hannah Goldstein, Fotografiska, Stockholm
2017 # “Frihet – Within the Scope of Diversity” – Group exhibition, Husby Art Center, Stockholm

About using the pictures

The rights to all pictures and other content on this site belongs to me (Mathias Laitila Kälvemark) unless otherwise noted, and may be published elsewhere with my consent; just drop me a request per e-mail.

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