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6 responses to “Perspectives/Levels”

  1. The slide show is so small and the controls block much of the images. Have trouble seeing the photos and am not sure what they are. Sorry.

  2. Thanks for pointing out Sherry. The slideshow should be in similar size to other pictures on the blog, but maybe you have a combination of webbrowser and screen/smartphone not supported by wordpress. Please try anyway to refresh/reload the site or use a different browser and see if it works. Best regards /Mathias

  3. I can use 3 different browsers and a Galaxy 5 phone. All display the WP auto slideshow as small images that cannot be enlarged with controls that hide a big chunk of the images. I can zoom into the page but it looks pixilated if I do that. This how WP made their auto slide show. I find their auto slide show to be a poor way to display photos. This is just my opinion. I am a web developer so I know how to things on websites :-)

  4. Bad for WP! So I made an update of the post with separate images for you :)


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