Still Life I

Still Life 01 aug 2018

Image from solo exhibition in July this year.

5 responses to “Still Life I”

  1. I can see that following your blog is going to be an interesting journey, Mathias; I am looking forward to it. This stops me dead (no pun intended!) in my tracks. I like the low key treatment, and the blue tray works very well – and especially so with the colour of the insects’ wings. While it may be to aid the viewing of these wings, that both insects are facing away from the camera gets to me. Adrian :)

  2. Thanks Adrian, nice words and good thoughts. The insects being turned away was not planned as such as I remember, but may well be a reason why I selected this exposure out of the series. A picture can be seen just for what it is, or be extended beyond that, in the eyes of a sensing beholder.

  3. …and thus precious and beautiful…

  4. Oh yes, definitely, we all have our own take on images, which is a truly interesting, and valuable too, state of affairs.


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