6 thoughts on “Tubes

  1. Vacuum tubes were cool! My father had a “drug store” that sold everything including these. As a child, I would help customers match the right tube.

    Thank you for bringing back a memory.

  2. This is good, Mathias. Having one tube on its side and pointing out of the image is a big thing; and I very much like the way that the tubes extend up in front of the diffuse green backdrop – but stopping BELOW the cloud-like diffuse white areas at the top of the image. A :)

  3. Nice thing to do! I grew up in the transistor era but I have a working tube radio my dad used for shortwave listening. It is wooden with a nice sound. Takes a while to warm up. And I will remember the correct spelling now thanks ;)

  4. Luckily these guys take direction and stand still, and so let the photographer elaborate and control the composition and exposure. Thanks, Adrian, and for sorting out these pieces! :)


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