Bare metal

Metal 31 jul 2019 1

6 responses to “Bare metal”

  1. Do you have a new lens?

  2. The close-ups are made with a 60 mm close-up lens which I rarely used before; sharp observation. The depth of field is very narrow. For most of the other pictures I use 24mm wide angle or 50 mm standar lens. I switched to a ‘full frame’ camera a couple of years ago, which also make the pictures slightly less compressed than previously.

  3. Does the wide angle improve “focus” throughout the frame?

  4. Exactly, like a smartphone camera has a really wide lens and almost everything is in focus, as opposed to a bird-watcher’s 500 mm telephoto lens. Also, the closer to the object where you set focus, the more narrow depth of focus (DOF). Also, the wider the aperture, the more narrow DOF. Like, if I rember right, the famous American photographer Ansel Adams shot with the smallest aperture to get as much of the picture in focus as possible,

  5. Another good one; getting towards the surreal, with the long legs of the dividers looking like someone – probably with their hands disapprovingly on their hips – standing over two young children who are playing / sprawling on the floor.

  6. Me and my kids perhaps :) Thanks for adding interpretation to the picture!


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